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Now choosing a new door for a garage can be difficult as some factors have to be taken into consideration.

The issue of cost and the types of material used keep popping up. First, Garage doors come in 3 basic grouping; Roll up garage, Sectional and swing up .At Garage Doors Frederick MD, we do repairing and maintenance works as well as sales. These categories consist of traditional and contemporary styles. Below we discuss the basic grouping of the doors.

Roll up garage/ service doors -are metal slated garage doors, which roll up to be stored in coil right above the opening. The garage doors are used to provide security against entry and weather protection at the interior and exterior openings of a commercial or industrial property.

Sectional /Overhead garage doors are designed with sections. For commercial consumption, the sectional garage doors usually need 14 feet of door height. With this number, the commercial sectional garage door is comprised of about seven 24 inches high sections.

One piece garage door /swing up- is a solid door, which swings up and will kick out once this is opened or closed. This was the standard commercial garage door used before. Nonetheless, with recent innovations in the industry, the sectional garage came about and became a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications.

Types of garage doors

First is the round the corner type which is a true classic. This is for the reason that it was one of the earliest methods of operating a garage door. The doors were usually constructed from timber panels. The door slides all one way then curves round to follow the wall back into the garage. Bi-parting, where 2 separate doors slide in opposite directions, is a method usually used on larger door sizes.

Secondly, is the side hinged type used over many years ago? It was recently revived due to popular demand and now is manufactured in timber, steel, Upvc and glass reinforced polyester) and a new range of double skinned fully insulated steel panels for excellent security and insulation in one. It hinges outwards though, inwards version are present.

Thirdly, sectional garage door which consists of one of the fastest growing door types in both the U.K and U.S. markets. It offers greater security, insulated options, no swing out, very large size ranges and excellent smooth opening properties.

Fourthly, canopy up and over. It represents the most popular type of up and over garage door gear for doors. Canopy garage doors are quick and easy to install and also provide the full drive through width when open unlike the retractable mechanism.

The fifth type is the Silvelox garage door. It is a unique garage door system based on an old tried and tested method of counterbalancing the weight of the door panel. This is made possible through the weights situated either side of the door lifting the panel via rollers and steel cables. The door panels are particularly heavy as the main door ranges are produced in various hardwoods with an 80mm thick door leaf.

Common Garage door materials

  • Aluminum-Once inexpensive and thus common aluminum doors have been replaced by longer lasting versions. These versions have heavy-duty extruded frames and dent-resistant laminated frames. Their main advantage is because of their craggy and rust-proof nature though a bit expensive. The less expensive aluminum doors frames and panels are made of other materials such as high-density polyethylene. Because of the aluminum light weight, it won’t put much strain on the operating system thus it can last longer.
  • Steel-Because it lasts longer, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance work for example when compared to the use of wood or even aluminum. In addition, steel is relatively inexpensive even though it is tough. The downside to its use is it dents and bare steel rusts and as such care has to be given so as not to cause scratches. This can be corrected by knowing that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the metal. Also the use of a steel door with fiberglass overlay is welcomed which serves to resist dents. The use of fiberglass will need periodic painting as the color fades with time.
  • Wood- The Garage door is made of wood can be made locally in whatever size. The downside to the use of wood is that repainting or refinishing has to be done frequently. Their prices range from mid-price to expensive depending on the added quality.

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