Commercial Doors

Commercial Garage Doors - Frederick MD 21702

Commercial garage doors we sell and repair are of both commercial and industrial purposes. These doors are further grouped into (with a thousand of combinations); commercial rolling and sectional garage doors.

Commercial section doors:

I. Aluminum doors-Are greatly preferred when visibility and light transmission are desired. These types of doors are almost maintenance free, weather resistant and important for commercial applications such as in car washes and in auto dealerships.

II. Insulated steel doors- Best applied in a situation where your garage desires excellent thermal efficiency, stringent wind load requirements or even requires a custom oversized door. A wide range of choices is there.

III. Non-insulated steel doors-Provides high strength at an excellent value.


Commercial rolling doors include:

I. Service doors-Include several models from which to choose from.

II. Grilles doors-these are mostly for security issues. Different door models exist which as a customer, we can repair for you.

III. Fire doors-as the name suggests, they are for that application. A range of models exists.

IV. Counter shutters-Designed for interior or even exterior garage use. Offered in steel, aluminum, stainless steel as well as wood,

V. Roll up sheet doors-designed specifically for the needs of the self-storage industry which are often unique. They are available in a wide range of sizes and color to complement almost all buildings.

VI. Advanced systems-Are geared towards security and low maintenance

VII. Security shutters-perfect for pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools and other retail facilities garage.

VIII. High speed doors- Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts and reduces door wear and tear. In addition, direct-mounted gear drive eliminates chain and sprocket maintenance.

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